The end of passive viewing:
Engage viewers by integrating quizzes, polls, and Call-To-Actions into videos.

You can now write, produce and publish video stories with on-screen links that let your audience decide what to see next.

Streaming video platforms like Netflix and YouTube are driving a new wave of content for the 2020s: interactive films and video story games. Do not miss the opportunity to create a truly interactive experience for your client.

Our Second Edition of BEYOND EXPERIENCE VIRTUAL is officially over.
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Top-notch professionals had the unprecedented opportunity to distinguish themselves for their professionalism, punctuality, and business potential by the exhibitors as a certified TRUSTED or DISTINGUISHED PARTNER.
See the list who they are below:

Andrea Powis Travelling Divas Australia
Hubert Feil Culturebrand | Live Communication Germany



The DISTINGUISHED VISITORS have received this time as an appreciation gift, an OCULUS GO 64gb Headset , the perfect tool to indulge into the Virtual Reality world.

Alain Therer Alsace Brasil Voyages Internationaux Altavia France
Andrea de Almeida Viajes Memorables Argentina
Angela Barros TOP DMC Brazil
Cathy Watts One Young World UK
Claudia Koch Central Logística em Eventos Brazil
Claudia Torres BTC Américas Mexico
Colette Venter WOW Incentives & Events South Africa
Elwira Urbańczyk Make Break Poland
Federico Gigena Wedell Travel Argentina
Helen Hatzis Trip Jaunt Canada
Jerome Klein Espace Sélect Canada
Marcia Miranda Luxury ID Travel Brazil
Mihaela Weaver Tauck USA
Monica Moreira Xplendid Travel Peru
Monika Siemieniecka Visa Travel Incentive & Corporate Poland
Nicola Wilson Finisterra Travel Canada
Prabhat Verma Offbeat Travel India
Supacha Sukhopala Kraft Travel Thailand
Tomasz Piatek Conqueror Travel Club Poland
Vivien Chong Independent Event Planner Singapore

Find out more about our merit program

Through a confidential voting system, the exhibitors vote for the best.
In the previous edition, only 10% of the buyers received the TRUSTED PARTNER badge and the 10% of this 10%, [so the top 1%] received the badge of the DISTINGUISHED PARTNER and along with it a surprise gift.
Give your best self and receive the Digital Stamp of Excellence
  • Use it in all your communications to brag about your work and achievements
  • Get a year-round visual support for PR to promote your image and work directly on your website, stationary, digital tools and social feeds
  • Get global exposure and recognition through our platform, website, and emails
  • Impress your current clients and seal more deals with new ones

We heard you loud and clear, so thank you once again, for completing the survey and sharing your thoughts about your experience in our Virtual Show.
The results of BEYOND EXPERIENCE VIRTUAL TRAVEL SHOW [Sept. 2020 Edition]

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Another lap won in the race against time and in time of COVID: Northern white rhino rescue programme resumes work with successful egg harvest

How to save the northern white rhino from extinction amidst the hiatus  created by COVID19?

Northern White Rhino rescue programme was planning to resume work at Ol Pejeta Conservancy and perform a successful egg harvest, in order to save the northern white rhino from extinction.

The support came from the Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenyan Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, the team from the German Leibniz Institute for Zoo-and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) and Czech Safari Park Dvůr Králové overcame substantial challenges to perform this important procedure in such critical times.


How to use intuitive thinking to create a travel business opportunity even in a heavily hit by COVID-19, country

The Challenge
Ever since April, China lives in the “new normal” of the pandemic era, a stage where social, cultural, religious, and business gatherings or events have resumed with guidelines, like limited size, wearing masks, health certificates etc.

Despite that, doubt and insecurity are looming above everyone’s heads. One issue was quite particular in China, the xenophobia.

As the pandemic got under control inside, the cases spiked outside of China. New cases in China were attributed to those returning from abroad. Even though most of the returning cases were Chinese, people in China would still had an insecure feeling about foreigners.

Some businesses had even put many restrictions on foreigners…..

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BEYOND EXPERIENCE VIRTUAL SHOW has been awarded one of the Top 50 Virtual Shows, for the excellence, driving innovation and changing meetings, event and experiences in the digital age for the better.


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