What to expect

Join us in this Argentinean wine chat session for 45 minutes. Learn everything regarding this particular alcoholic beverage that accompanies different meals. This is a unique live virtual experience.

Learn from our tour guides where and how it is produced, the best accompaniments for this delicious and colorful drink and also some tips about it! Of course, feel free to interact with our tour guides and ask everything you would like to know regarding Argentinean wines!

This event will be LIVE!

PRICES start as of 35 USD pp for the REAL TIME TRAVEL BUDDY version and 145 USD pp for the PREMIUM version. Please contact us for an offer.


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For the PREMIUM version you will receive:

2 Premium bottles of Argentinian Malbec wine, 750 ml each.







The WINES we will try.

  • Zuccardi Malbec wine
  • Colome Torrontes wine
  • Trapiche Cabernet wine
  • Alamos Malbec wine
  • 4 wine glasses

Organizer Info

Signature Tours

Signature Tours

Signature Tours offers a huge variety of tailor made experiences and programs in Argentina, Chile and other South America destinations.

We have a highly professional team of different generations, disciplines and backgrounds. We are highly passionate and committed to what we do; we love our Regions, Destinations, People and Culture.

Today the world changes at a rate that we did not even think. In that change, we are here, ready to offer the best livestreaming experience, an incredible adventure, with the best professionals who will create a personal connection with you!

Eduardo Tuite



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As this is a B2B/Corporate event, at this phase it cannot be booked automatically. Therefore, contact us to customize it exactly to your needs!