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Ukrainian cuisine is very authentic and rich. A lot of European media highlighted Ukraine as the best foodie travel destination. And now you can cook the most famous Ukrainian dishes at home. We prepared a comprehensive lesson for you, which includes 5 dishes for your great Ukrainian dinner.

During this cooking master-class you will:

– learn, how to cook the most famous Ukrainian dishes:
– borsch (beetroot soup)
– vareniki (dumplings with cheese and potato)
– knedlyki (similar to gnocchi)
– banosh (special corn porridge with mushrooms)
– Lvivsky syrnik (Lviv cheesecake) on dessert

– enjoy cooking process
– ready a fantastic dinner

The event will be PRE-RECORDED but the Organizer will be LIVE and ready to answer all your questions.

Watch the 1 minute trailer:

PRICES start as of 30 EUR pp for the BASIC version (pre-recorded) and 40 EUR pp for the Real Time Travel Buddy (live) version. Please contact us for an offer.

More Info

For this master-class you will need ingredients, according to each recipe:

Banosh Recipe

Borsch Recipe

Knedlyki (gnocchi) Recipe

Lvivskiy Syrnik (Cheesecake)

Varenyki Recipe ENG

– Inspiration (by your own recipe)

Organizer Info

Marina Antonyuk

Marina Antonyuk

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