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During this water hyacinth handicraft workshop, you will have the opportunity to spend time with the women of Saray Tonle( the water hyacinth handicraft cooperative) and learn how to weave your own souvenir of your trip and it is also a unique chance for you to interact with community members. The guide will assist you and translate so that you can communicate with the weavers during the classes, as they only speak Khmer. Of course, it will be focused on weaving.

The event will be LIVE!

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PRICES start from 30 EURO pp for Realtime Travel Buddy. Please contact us for an offer.

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If you wish to purchase items manufactured out of water hyacinth, please contact Mr.KE Sovann “comms@osmosetonlesap.net” directly”



Water Hyacinth originated from South America and was introduced to the Tonle Sap Lake, where it is spreading on the lake ever since. The water hyacinth is an invasive aquatic plant as it grows extremely rapidly and paralyzes the navigation in some areas of the lake during the dry season, becoming an increasing environmental issue. During discussions with families in Prek Toal village in 2003, OSMOSE discovered that older women used to weave hammocks from the dry stem of this plant. This traditional practice had however fallen into disuse when cheaper, artificial imports were introduced onto the market.

From this observation, OSMOSE decided to support the revival of this traditional handicraft, and today, over 12 women have a regular income thanks to this initiative


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Jacques Guichandut

Jacques Guichandut

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As this is a B2B/Corporate event, at this phase it cannot be booked automatically. Therefore, contact us to customize it exactly to your needs!